Dream Diary

May 13, 2017
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Dream Diary

This Dream Diary is a result of  a post in the ELSA Group. Lots of children do have nightmares and struggle to cope. They might have sleep problems and are worried and anxious. There are lots of ways to help and one very helpful way is to help the child change their dream in some way to make it less scary.

The child is encouraged to write down their dreams and scale them from 0-10. Then to order those dreams into the ones with the strongest feelings and weakest feelings. Work can then begin on looking at that dream in more detail and changing something about it.

There are tips on how to sleep better and a few relaxation exercises to try.

For a limited period of time this is free to download so hurry and download it now!

You can download the Dream Diary from here: Dream diary

7 thoughts on “Dream Diary

  1. Sally Barrett

    Please could you enable me to download the dream diary resource? I am a primary/secondary school counsellor. Many thanks.

    1. Don

      See right under the picture, where it says “You can download the Dream Diary from here: Dream diary”… Dream diary is in blue (highlighted). Click on Dream diary and there ya go ! 🙂

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