Nurture Group Resources – Name the Alien phonics – Item 120


Nurture group (or general) activity for children to practise blending for reading. These activities are for phase 5 of Letters and Sounds but exclude the split digraphs (they wouldn’t really work with this activity).

The purpose of the activity is to find a name for the alien. Children are given a boggle type grid where they cut out the letters. There is a phoneme frame where children create different names for the alien. These are all nonsense words. They must write a list of all the names they create (of course they must be able to say them if asked). They then choose their favourite alien name and ‘Name the Alien’. The alien’s name MUST contain the focus sound,

13232918_10209871141364650_7018787286197538022_n 13254467_10209871128804336_6876144509744187679_n

Sounds covered:

ay, au, ea, ew, ey, ie, ir, oe, ou, oy, ph, ue, wh

Hopefully this will be a fun activity to do and children will want to do more of the sounds and create more fun alien names.

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Thank you to My Cute Graphics for a couple of the clipart aliens.