Friendship intervention extra lessons – item 26


Friendship intervention extra lessons

The friendship and social skills intervention has become very popular with lots of you using it. I have written another six lessons that could be slotted into this intervention. All these lessons could be used on their own too. The lessons are planned for the most of the afternoon but could be scaled down easily if necessary. The learning objectives around these lessons focus on the social skills for friendship. Each lesson has the resources attached to it and you can see examples of these if you open the image attached to this post. There is key vocabulary cards, learning objective card and there is a folder of resources you will need for example ’emotion fans’, ‘scaling and reflection sheet’. All the files are available as word documents as well as pdfs so you can adapt as necessary. I haven’t written the session number on because you can decide that yourself.

The session objectives

  1. I can tell you something that is the same about me and my group members and something that is different.
  2. I can ask questions to find information about someone I might want to be friends with.
  3. I can give examples of how to share something
  4. I understand how tone of voice changes the meaning of my words.
  5. I can understand that there are other ways of communicating.
  6. I know how to introduce myself and start a conversation.

The friendship and social skills intervention can found by clicking the link.

Social skills posters can be found on this link.

Social skills – what should you do? can be found on this link.

These extra lessons are included in ‘The New ELSA Starter pack’

This is a downloadable resource. A link to download the resource will be sent to your email address after purchase.  It can also be downloaded directly from the site by entering your username and password, going to your account and looking at your purchase history.