Anxiety and Worries Group Intervention – Item 154


Anxiety and Worries Group Intervention

The intervention

Who is if for?

This Anxiety and Worries Group intervention is for a group of up to six children and is led by a teaching assistant. The focus age range would be 7 to 11, although older pupils would probably benefit from this intervention.  Children who worry a lot would be a good focus group for this intervention. It runs for approximately 40-60 minutes, weekly for six weeks.

What does it cover?

This Anxiety and Worries Group intervention  covers emotions, relaxation, calming down techniques and learning objectives around anxiety and worries. Children will learn about emotions during each session and will also learn relaxation and calming techniques through the ‘relaxation time’.  This knowledge and these skills will help them to become more emotionally literate. The warm-up games teach a variety of skills such as co-operation, team work, taking turns, communication skills, friendship, self-esteem and confidence. The coming together of a group fosters a sense of belonging and therefore raises self-esteem. Every opportunity should be taken to promote belonging and friendship. Relaxation exercises will help children to manage their anxiety and these are visited each session.

Information on Anxieties and worries

It is important to mention that anxiety is such a big problem and affects people in different ways and at different things. Sometimes there appears to be no reason for the anxiety. This intervention is about giving children the knowledge to help themselves and to gain a little understanding about what anxiety is. It is NOT about fixing children’s problems but about supporting them through their problems. Anxiety work needs to be done by professionals who have training in counselling or psychology. An ELSA or TA can offer knowledge and  support and it is important that this line is not crossed and boundaries are clear. By giving children the self-awareness, knowledge and some relaxation skills you are empowering them to help themselves cope. If you are ever worried about a child then please do refer them on to professional services so they can get the help they need.

What’s included in the pack?

  • A planning booklet with 6 session plans.
  • Circle time rules
  • Warm up games for circle-time
  • Assessments
  • Emotion wheels
  • Emotion wordmat
  • Certificates
  • Five Star Breathing poster
  • NEEDS to know Poster
  • Emotion cards
  • NEEDS to know cards
  • Anxiety physical symptoms cards
  • Where in your body worksheet
  • Anxiety cards
  • Coping strategies poster
  • Worry tree
  • Thought bubbles (ants)
  • Changing those thoughts worksheet
  • Zap anxiety poster
  • My Five a day plan
  • ELSA/Teaching Assistant notes

A few of the resources included in the pack

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